Monday, 11 April 2011

The Sun is Shining - Yippee

Isn't it lovely to finally have some sunshine in our lives, lifts the spirit and makes us venture outside a bit more.  I've been busy in the garden this week, as well as in the kitchen.  I'm no gardener but I hope that my little veg/fruit patch will come up trumps like it did last year.  Anyway to cakes.....

Springtime meadow

For a lovely young lady who when asked what she would like her cake to be like replied, green grass, flowers and butterflies....

Spring cake pops

For delivery to Glutton & Glee the wonderful new coffee shop opened in Guildford, Surrey

Birthday bash - 17th birthday girl and her favourite colours are orange, yellow and white.

Shiver my timbers

For a young lad hosting his big 5th birthday, lots of pirate treasure be had (and gluten free chocolate cake underneath!)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Cake Pop People Gift Box!

After many attempts I have now found the perfect gift box.  It can take up to 30 cake pops, all standing to attention.  The inaugural gift box was sent this week, as a birthday treat to a young lady away at boarding school.  As her mum told me later, it arrived in perfect condition and was a HUGE success.

Bitesize Mobile's

Its been a busy but very exciting week.  I was asked by the lovely people at Shine Communications to make cake pops for the launch of their clients new product the INQ Cloud Touch mobile phone.  Easy enough were the logo pops, but the mini phones were a definite labour of love!  Hand painted faces, rectangular shape, special logo shaped buttons, arrgh ....all I'll say it was a late night.   But it was all worth it as they were a BIG HIT at the press launch.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Long time no typing

Yes I know... its been a while.... I have been posting but am ashamed to say its been elsewhere on some of those addictive social networks with movies and things made in their honour.  I will do better...... well I'll definitely give it a go.

Today I have been playing with my wonderful flower cutters to create little flowers for my cake pops.  Hopefully the outcome was worth the hours I spent cutting and shaping each one.....there was one slight hitch, on my way to present the flower pot to my sister in law I had to break heavily and a few petals floated away.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Little monsters

A friend has asked me to make her sons birthday cake with the theme of Gabba Gabba.  After a bit of surfing I discovered that:

  • there are five of the them, but don't ask me their names
  • they can speak unlike the teletubbies and ickle pickle and macca pacca
  • they look really cute as cake pops

Getting spooky....

With the nights drawing in it was time to make some scary cake pops ready for Halloween.  What better than being able to eat an eyeball.  

DS had great fun in the playground with these.  Next time will make then with red velvet rather than chocolate so you get the full effect when you bite into them.
I'm sure someone's watching me cake pops
Two big googlie cake pop eyes

Then tried my hand at some skulls, but ended up with scream! cake pops instead

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Teddy Bears Picnic

Had fun making cup cakes for my daughters long awaited teddy bears picnic.   Good excuse to try out the vanilla cupcake recipe from hummingbird bakery, though I must have done something wrong - not as light and fluffy as I had hoped. But the bears are cute and easy to make, having sort inspiration from sharon wee.....

Obviously I had to make one for everyone!